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10 March 2004

Eat [blank] and die

The case for Big Arm Woman as dinner date:

Of all the snobs in the world, food snobs are the absolute worst. I'm not interested in your super special imported brie and paté on cracked pepper rounds, and I could give a rat's ass that you refuse to pollute your body with non-soy milk. It's food. Eat what you want, freak out about pesticides and GM crap and whether that rhubarb root is really super fresh all you want you're all still going to end up in the same place: DEAD.

Sure, I'll buy.

Posted at 10:54 AM to Worth a Fork

Speaking of FOOD, when was it you planned to feed all your movers?
Also, it's now March. Your usual time to pick up your Christmas gift; it's still here.

Posted by: wamprat at 12:34 PM on 10 March 2004

This is supposed to be at your convenience, not mine; all I have to do is sign the tab.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:09 PM on 10 March 2004

Heh. Tell that to my health freak housemate. She asked me if I knew what the nutritional value of bok choy was the other day.

Posted by: sya at 6:22 PM on 10 March 2004

Hey, you just sign the tab? How about some Italian? Ooh... I need to go to a fancy resturant at least one time in my life... how about The Haunted House?

Posted by: Aniwarp at 9:05 PM on 10 March 2004

I'm hungry, but try and get that many people to have a free time and getting them to commit....sure is hard.

Posted by: Sweetpea at 10:52 PM on 11 March 2004