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29 February 2004

The Second Lady at Bowling Green

Rammer attends a fundraiser for Rep. Paul Gilmore (R-Ohio), where the keynote speaker is Lynne Cheney, and reports as follows:

Her remarks were unremarkable, but she worked her way through the prepared speech in yeoman (yeowoman) fashion. She began by noting how fortunate she is to have a front row seat for the history that is unfolding. Listing the accomplishments of the Bush administration, she paused to praise the troops. She discussed economic policy before tearing into the other party's leading candidates. Her best cut was, "Listening to them talk, it seems as though they are against even the things that they are for."

Just as I expected her to wind it down, she instead had saved the material that most mattered to her for last. With the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court and an Associate Justice in attendance she called for the end of the "abuse of the Constitution" by the other party in the U.S. Senate that was blocking the opportunity for votes to be taken on the President's Judicial nominees. Pounding the podium, she concluded her remarks with a call for support and redoubled effort to secure Ohio for the Bush-Cheney ticket.

Nothing remarkable, in other words, but perhaps an indication of what we can expect in the pre-convention period before the gloves really come off.

Rammer notes that Mrs Cheney's speech was given before dinner, "for security reasons no doubt," after which she was presumably whisked away to an undisclosed location.

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*snort* undisclosed location indeed.

she definitely was headed in that direction when i saw her last.

Posted by: rammer at 10:31 PM on 2 March 2004