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19 February 2004

The San Francisco tweet

I'm not inclined to get worked up over the current flap over gay marriage in San Francisco; I mean, isn't there always a current flap in San Francisco? So if Mayor Gavin Newsom wants to try to add his name to the Civil Disobedience Hall of Fame, it's fine with me.

Still, the very definition of "civil disobedience" indicates that a law has been broken. Civil-rights marchers in the South, forty-odd years ago, were prepared to take the consequences of their actions. I'm not quite persuaded that Mayor Newsom is prepared to take the consequences of his.

Update, 11:05 am:
Michele had a piece this morning on the larger topic as usual, far better than anything I have to say on the subject and a fellow known as "A Different Bill" commented as follows:

If a state passes a law that old people have to get a vision check before getting a license, and a local DMV office decides that is unfair to old people and issues licenses to them all and their friends from out of state as well, how is that different that what is going on in SF?

If this civil disobedience in SF goes unpunished, I want to put a Starbucks in next door to my house. Surely I can find a government drone that believes the zoning laws are unjust.

I admit to a certain amount of bemusement by all this. Whatever I may think of gay marriage which at the moment is actually fairly close to this, minus an imprecation or two, subject to change without notice I really can't work up much enthusiasm for Newsom: it's not like he's exactly putting his life on the line for this cause. (A visit to Selma, Alabama might be in order.) Still, I know better than to underestimate the power of small gestures.

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and i don't mean porcine or tobacco products..

Posted by: paulsmos at 10:07 AM on 19 February 2004

And yet Cincinnati is called the "Queen City"

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 11:00 AM on 19 February 2004

Gee, Paul. Couldn't work up a better retort than that?

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Rule 5: No pooftahs.

Rule 6: There is no Rule 6.

Rule 7: No pooftahs.

That concludes the reading of the rules.


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