The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

6 February 2004

Gimme that old-time precision

As a person who owns a brace of Betamaxes, I appreciated this DragonAttack dialogue greatly:

Second Shift Jerk: Is that an MP3 player?
DA: No. It's a cassette player. I reject technology.
2SJ: You have technology on you right now.
DA: I reject selective technology. I don't have an MP3 player. Or a CD player.
2SJ: So, do you have an 8-track player?
DA: I have two.

Exeunt omnes.

I suppose I should go look for an 8-track player, just to fill the void well, a void in my life. And yes, this explains much about why I passed up version 5.2 of some horrible godawful spawn-of-Satan piece of "financial" software today in favor of my existing installation of the merely-sucky version 2.24: if you can't prove to me it's actually better, I don't want it.

Posted at 11:50 AM to Dyssynergy

I agree wholeheartedly about your not keeping up with technology just because something new has come out. I use AOL (until I can remember to call and cancel my account), and if not for their refusal to support more than two versions of the software, I'd still be on version 5.

Actually, I want DSL but I'm waiting for prices to come down. I don't understand why it has to be that much more than dialup, or why it is separate from the "regular" phone bill. Once prices come down, though, I'm definitely on board.

Posted by: Bryan Doe at 3:23 PM on 6 February 2004

My AOL installation is 6.0; I ran 8.0 for about three days and decided it was too intrusive. (Needless to say, I'm not even thinking about 9.0.)

DSL, throttled back to 384k or so, runs $26.95 out here in the provinces if you buy from the Evil Baby Bell.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:32 PM on 6 February 2004