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5 February 2004

Crude manipulation

What do British MP George Galloway, Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri, and the Minister of Forestry of Myanmar have in common?

Answer: While Saddam Hussein was handing out bribes to the likes of Jacques Chirac, he was apparently awarding millions of barrels of oil to those three and many others for, um, services possibly to be rendered, a serious perversion of the oil-for-food program. Mr Galloway, President Megawati, and the unnamed Myanmar minister are listed as having received vouchers for one million barrels of oil (call it $30 million or so), and they're hardly the largest recipients of Saddam's largesse.

Alan Sullivan, who has reproduced the complete list as released, sees a slogan just waiting to be turned into a meme: No oil for blood! And I suppose there's some comfort in knowing that Saddam, ruthless killer that he was, also dabbled in more mundane offenses.

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I read blogs from all over the world. Several bloggers have posted regarding the LIST. No one comments. What's the deal?

Posted by: Sammie at 10:42 PM on 6 February 2004

I'm not sure. Alan Sullivan, to whom I linked in the original post, got a few comments, but he also appeared to be disappointed at the amount of discussion.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:00 AM on 7 February 2004