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30 January 2004

Working the room on the Lone Prairie

For a state that will almost certainly cast its electoral votes for George W. Bush, Oklahoma is getting a pretty substantial amount of attention from the Democratic challengers.

Not that we care, particularly; these guys are not only from out of town, they're from off the wall. John Edwards claims a "great cultural connection" with the Sooner state, apparently because some of it is still rural. Wesley Clark, it appears, can quote Scripture. And Joe Lieberman implored us to pay no attention to those Iowa and New Hampshire things. Believe me, Joe, I tried my best.

(Via Wonkette)

Posted at 1:07 PM to Soonerland

couldnt have anything to do with our new position in the primaries could it? ;-)

besides, I'm glad that we're getting so much dem attention if nothing more than it will spread the word that Bush has been the worse president in modern history.

Posted by: bruce at 2:13 PM on 30 January 2004

Of course, if we really want some attention from Democratic candidates, we should probably start voting for some: the number of convention delegates allocated to a state is at least partially dependent upon how often the party's candidate carries the state in the Presidential election.

Posted by: CGHill at 3:58 PM on 30 January 2004

Gosh, Bruce! "Bush has been the worse president in modern history"???

I've never heard that before! I'm sure nobody's ever heard that before!

Mondale tried to make Reagan the issue in '84. Dole tried to make C****n the issue in '96.

Third time's the charm, ya think?

Posted by: McGehee at 9:02 AM on 31 January 2004