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16 January 2004

After Rowland, what?

The California Yankee is not inclined to cut Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland any slack:

It is truly amazing how little support there is for Rowland at the moment. No one I know has a kind word to say for him. The press, tasting blood, is extremely persistent. I can't imagine how Rowland can distract them.

Well, I did find one kind word, from Mike Alissi, publisher of Reason, who offers a modest defense of the governor:

I've always liked Rowland for one reason: The guy has maintained a relatively low media profile over the years. That's a decent indication he hasn't been too active meddling in our lives (notwithstanding his recent signature on a bill to ban smoking in all bars). This is in sharp contrast to do-gooder politicians like, say, Bill Bennett's preachy pal, Sen. Joe Lieberman, and even more so to Dick Blumenthal (Lieberman's successor as Attorney General) who will sue anybody to get in front of a camera.

The gov's media profile is, um, a bit higher now. But this is bad press that fuels the public's contempt for politicians who abuse power. That's a positive thing. I just hope people save some skepticism for the next elected governor (who very well may be Dick Blumenthal) and they remember that shiny clean do-gooder politicians can abuse power as much as corrupt ones, only in different ways.

Okay, one Connecticut resident on Rowland's side. Sort of.

Posted at 4:21 PM to Political Science Fiction

Hmmm.....Rowland (R) takes free work on his personal summer cottage, lies about it, gets caught, and just about all Dems and Repubs alike are ready to castrate him.

Clinton (D) takes free blow jobs, lies about it, gets caught, and most Dems still think he walks on water.

I looked up "hypocrisy" in the dictionary but it just keeps cross-referencing to "democrats".

Posted by: Vickie at 6:46 PM on 16 January 2004

Consider, though, the plight of the Democrat: the majority of his party's candidates lose, even when he thinks they've won (cf. Gore, 2000). BJ Clinton, who managed to get elected twice despite the best efforts of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy", looks almost heroic by comparison.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:41 PM on 16 January 2004