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12 January 2004

Joe talks taxes

Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman came to Tulsa today, pitching his tax plan, which he says will cut taxes for 98 percent of the middle class, whoever they may be these days, while raising taxes on the top few and somehow balancing the budget. I'm not entirely convinced there are enough taxpayers among those top few to make up the deficit if you took every dime from Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, you'd leave them broke and you'd still have $250 billion or so to collect and next year's deficit would remain untouched but at least he's offering, beyond the usual platitudes, some actual numbers to play with.

Posted at 2:45 PM to Political Science Fiction

I love the "vote for me and I'll take their money and give it to you" attitude.

Why doesn't he just show up with a ski mask and gun?

Posted by: Ravenwood at 11:23 AM on 13 January 2004

He wants us to elect Robin Hood?

Posted by: Steve at 10:59 PM on 13 January 2004

Most politicians these days are posing as Robin Hood. "That government which robs Peter to pay Paul can count on the support of Paul."


Posted by: McGehee at 5:33 AM on 14 January 2004