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11 January 2004

Second (Amendment) thoughts

Ravenwood reports that Cleveland's daily newspaper isn't taking Ohio's new concealed-carry law lightly: The Plain Dealer plans to print the names of all Ohioans receiving permits under the new law.

Once they do, vow the operators of the Web site Keep and Bear Arms, they will print the names of all Ohioans who work for The Plain Dealer. Ravenwood, in the spirit of this response, has opened the volley with the details on the newspaper's editor, who lives in one of those spiffy neighborhoods practically right on the lake.

Meanwhile, The Columbus Dispatch is very unhappy that the state won't be releasing the names of permit-holders to the general public; of course, what really disturbs the Dispatch is that permits will be issued in the first place.

Most state concealed-carry laws are what is called "shall-issue" laws; that is, it is not left to the discretion of local authorities to decide whether to issue a permit. Unless there is some specific legal reason to disqualify an applicant, his permit is to be approved. Most states, including Ohio once their law goes into effect in April, do have prerequisites which must be met, but in a shall-issue state, if those prerequisites are met, the permit is issued, and that's that.

This fact itself annoys a lot of people, among them the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, which annually hands out usually-failing report cards to the individual states and this year gave Oklahoma a D-minus [link requires Adobe Reader] for, among other things, having a "shall-issue" law. Only they put it this way:

Oklahoma also forces police to let people carry hidden handguns in public.

Imagine that. Police are forced to let people carry guns. "Why, when I was younger, the police didn't have to let you do a damn thing; they could pull you over for any reason they wanted, and we liked it." Yeah, sure.

When the grandchildren ask me "What made you join the National Rifle Association, anyway?" I'll give them that White Album nonsense about being the all-American bullet-headed Saxon mother's son, and then I'll probably just let them read this post.

(Update, 13 January, 1:15 pm: Xrlq [20 points in Scrabble®] disposes of the Dispatch.)

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As a former Clevelander, I've never particularly liked the Plain Dealer. I've always thought it was a pretty second- (or third- ) rate paper, valuable only to the degree that it at least has longer stories than the local broadcast......[read more]

And that's why we call it the Columbus "Disgrace"

I smell an editorial that's crying out to be Fisked.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 2:31 PM on 11 January 2004

Good. Let them print the names. Then the criminals can find out which people to leave the hell alone.

Unbelievable. Those editors need to be pistol-whipped and forced to take a six-week course in gun safety to rid them of their insane fears.

Posted by: Vickie at 3:59 PM on 11 January 2004

I can actually remember when "shall issue" was an anomaly and most states either banned concealed-carry outright or the authorities responsible for issuing permits had such discretion that the result was a de facto ban <*cough*California*cough*>

The turnaround has been brought about even as the Brady Campaign has focused on banning ugly guns for no other reason than that they look even more intimidating than pretty ones.

I love it.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:43 AM on 12 January 2004

Ah rats, I thought for sure Minnesota would get a worse grade because of the recent passage of its "shall issue" law. They used the same wording ("forces," etc.) for the Minnesota rating, by the way. Additionally, we got put in the "time out chair" for passing that law. Mitch Berg has a good analysis of their grading (and their attempts to treat us like children).

Posted by: Steve Gigl at 8:12 AM on 13 January 2004

"I smell an editorial that's crying out to be Fisked."


Posted by: Xrlq at 12:33 PM on 13 January 2004