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3 January 2004

Freshly pressed

There's a new weekly newspaper in town, and "in town" is the operative phrase.

The MidCity Advocate, published Thursdays, is your standard suburban community news/shopper with a twist: it's aimed, not at the suburbs, but at those of us who live in the 25 square miles of the central city. (Their coverage area runs from Portland to Kelley, Reno to 63rd.) This makes a certain amount of sense, since almost every other part of town is covered by a similar publication.

One pitch made by the Advocate is the diversity of its readership: "The MidCity area has over 65,000 residents that span the socio-economic spectrum. There is a broad mix of income levels, ethnic diversity and education." No doubt about that. The National Register of Historic Places records fifteen districts in the county, and twelve of them are in this area; there are also, alas, some neighborhoods which can charitably be described as "rough". Still, what's true of the 'burbs is also true here in the city: most of us are here because this is where we want to be.

I don't recognize any of the names on the masthead; evidently this is an entirely new bunch of folks. Sports Editor Jerry Spaeder admits to having roots in some place like Erie, Pennsylvania. I'm sort of hoping that the Advocate staff is here because this is where they want to be.

Posted at 12:21 PM to City Scene

Thank you for mentioning our new publication. We are indeed "a new bunch of folks." Harry Meister and I started the MidCity Advocate for just the reasons you mention. We felt those people living and working within the heart of Oklahoma City deserved a news source that covered their community. The suburbs have it, why not us? Yes, we are here because we want to be here. Both Harry and I live near downtown. If anyone has news or information they feel would be an interest to the residents of the MidCity, give us a call at 605-6062.

Posted by: Chris Cook at 5:38 PM on 30 January 2004