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2 January 2004

Welcome to Fat City

Every year, Men's Fitness magazine rates the Top 25 Fit Cities and the Top 25 Fat Cities. Given our predilections here in the Okay City cheap smokes, rib joints, a general dislike for the Nanny State you'd probably expect us to be in the chub group, and you'd be right.

In fact, we're movin' on up; after the ignominy of finishing 23rd last year, we've made it up to 13th this time around. What's changed in the last twelve months? Well, I moved into the city,, I suppose I can always question the methodology.

And after Detroit, which claims Numero Uno, four of the next five are in Texas, which surely is a sign of something.

Posted at 8:20 PM to City Scene

There was a long rant here, but I reread the entry, and all I can think now is that I find it kinda funny that you read Men's Fitness magazine.

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 3:41 AM on 5 January 2004

What makes you think I read it? I just read the wire-service copy promoting the list, and went back to their Web site for background.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:27 AM on 5 January 2004