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30 December 2003

Bueler? Bueler?

This would be Tim Bueler, seventeen, a junior at Rancho Cotate High School in Rohnert Park, California, and the administration has suggested he take a couple of days off from class until the heat dies down.

Bueler, it seems, is the founder of the Conservative Club, a student organization with about 50 members (out of a student body of just over 2000), and after he wrote a piece for the club's newsletter which called for a crackdown on illegal immigration, he started receiving threats from Latino students. (The school is approximately one-seventh Latino.) "Liberals," said Bueler in the presumably-offending article, "welcome every Muhammad, Jamul and Jose who wishes to leave his Third World state and come to America." Which, if nothing else, is consistent with the Conservative Club's motto, which is "Protecting our borders, language and culture."

What did the faculty do about it? Said one teacher, "When you say things like that, you've got to expect that things like this are going to happen." Another dismissed the club as "a bunch of bigots."

Bueler isn't exactly an angel the club's faculty advisor quit after Bueler refused to submit the article for review before publication, and he subsequently apologized for the tone of that "Muhammad" business but I think it's a safe bet that had he written something critical of, say, dead white Europeans, he'd probably be getting extra credit instead of involuntary vacation days.

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But you see the strong and the powerful always have a voice, the point of protecting freedom is to guarantee that less priviledged groups have that same right as well.

Posted by: bruce at 9:27 PM on 30 December 2003

And in Sonoma County, no one, it appears, is less privileged than a kid on the right wing.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:28 AM on 31 December 2003

So, Bruce, it's good for freedom if a white conservative kid's rights aren't protected?

Posted by: McGehee at 9:04 AM on 31 December 2003

I think his rights should be protected. What gets me about this conservative movement is its utter foolishness. Essentially you have the most priviledged pampered and powerful segment of society getting pissy because they see some of their priviledge eroding under population shifts. They are rightfully afraid that they will have to play by the same rules as everyone else.

Its absurdist for this kid to be complaining about "protecting borders, language and culture" when this country has never been about protecting native cultures, why start now you should ask? Well, because at this point in time being a "conservative" is about protecting white algo-european christian dominance in american society against the "threat" of immigrants and their heathen religions.

I wonder if you would consider the native americans the first american conservatives as they attempted to protect their "borders, language and culture"?

Posted by: bruce at 10:31 AM on 31 December 2003

As for the Latinos, they are largely Catholic, and most of the ones that aren't subscribe to some other Christian denomination; I'm not inclined to view them as heathens. In fact, the only religion I have to think twice about accepting is Islam, and this only because a substantial number of its practitioners have adopted a variant which is fundamentally incompatible with life in the 21st century. "A substantial number," incidentally, does not equal "all," or even "most."

The Natives fought, as would most men. They lost. They would have beaten us evil Anglo-European Christians, though, had we been led by today's left, which would have ignored any signs of a threat while a couple of not-so-disinterested parties conducted perfunctory searches for weapons of mass scalping, or some such nonsense.

Contrary to popular dogma, the world is a better place because of us. Really.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:19 AM on 31 December 2003

The predominance of a culture or set of beliefs that is held by a majority or plurality, is "privilege" only in the eyes of those who think "predominant" = "bad".

Posted by: McGehee at 10:47 AM on 1 January 2004

You know, I joined the Right Wing Death Beast club a little over two years ago, and I'm still waiting for my pampering and privileges to start.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 10:58 AM on 1 January 2004

Not gonna happen. You're an Oppressed Minority. A neat trick, considering women are what, 52 percent of us? but an Oppressed Minority just the same.

Posted by: CGHill at 11:04 AM on 1 January 2004

I attend Rancho Cotate High School and although I am not a member of the club, I do support it. Tim has been threatened on many an occasion, and people believe he deserves it, because the opinion which he has a right to, disagrees with their own. I don't see why he is considered racist when he is exercising his own rights to freedom of speech. Discussing issues such as illegal immigration is in no way racist and I believe that people are blowing the comments he makes way out of proportion. What I don't understand, is how everyone can say it is ok for a student to be threatened because he has an opinion. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and it in no way, shape, or form, should allow students to be threatened for expressing it! The first word in illegal immigration is ILLEGAL...which means it is against the law. So how does this issue speak of racism???? By expressing my opinion does it mean I am going to be threatened as well? Frankly, that doesnt really agree with our constitutional right of freedom of speech now does it???

California is a very liberal state to begin with so of course we are going to have liberal teachers at our school. But we are at school to learn. We are not there to listen to our teachers about their liberal views, and have them try to convince us, the students, we are wrong to have our own opinions and thoughts on our country we live in. Isn’t it funny how liberals are all about our constitional rights, but once there is an opinion that differs from their own, they are saying that nobody has the right to talk about political issues?

Another thing... for the people who believe that Tim deserves the threats and say that he brought it upon himself...Nobody deserves to get threats or bombarded or barricaded from being able to go to class and get the education everyone has a right to. School is supposed to be a safe environment. I don't think that an environment where police have to come to stop many fights from happening is safe at all! I believe people are twisting Tim's words around to support their arguments that Tim deserves whatever may happen to him in the future. True, nothing has happened as yet, but that doesnt mean there havent been attempts...

Posted by: avll at 12:31 AM on 17 January 2004

I would suggest that threatening Bueler is the only opposition they are capable of raising; they have no interest in countering his points with any actual arguments or anything. Bueler doesn't think like they do, so therefore, he must be the Antichrist, or the purely-secular, multicultural equivalent thereof.

A lot of this stems from desperate attempts to oversimplify issues, to turn them into binary, on/off, yes/no, black/white positions with no indication that there's any conceivable middle ground. If Bueler thinks we should tighten enforcement of our existing immigration laws, obviously he must hate Latinos; no other explanation fits their mindset. A lot of this comes from the other side of the political spectrum as well: President Bush tossed off a line about your friendly neighborhood Islamist terrorists and how they "hate freedom," when in fact they don't have a farging clue about freedom. (They hate the US because the US, for all its horribly sinful ways, is the premier power on the planet, and their sharia-bound little fiefdoms, for all their vaunted morality, are the world's laughingstocks or would be, if the world had enough gumption to give them the derision they deserve.)

Speech does have consequences, and Bueler should not expect to go unchallenged. However, the school, by aligning itself with the challengers, has done him, and education in general, a grave disservice.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:42 AM on 17 January 2004

Free speech means free speech. As Madison wrote: you don't abolish air because among other things it gives destructive force to fire. (That' Fed.Paper 10.)

As for the threats... Well it is hardly surprisng that Ideologically Correct should turn out to be politically intolerant... (And it makes little difference whose ideology is at issue; the problem is with the "correct" part)

If Buelers teachers can't really get behind Tim saying what he's moved to say, then they should go work in a coal mine.

He's a kid and a student for Christ's sake. They should encourage him to speak out and ( this is important) to investigate and research his opinions. If they did and he did, he might actually learn something and stop being the knuckleheaded KnowNothing he's fast becoming (thanks to being made the darling of the NuuzeRight.)

On the other hand, let's get real here. "Protecting our borders,language and culture" has been the slogan of the American nativist movement since the 1830, when they were up to burning down Irish Catholic churches and hating the "Dutch" i.e the German Liberals who came after 1848-1849 and who were far better educated than most "native" Anglo-Saxons. (It was thanks to these "Dutch" that we got public education in the first place)

Bueler's views are an adolescent reaction; but they are basically ignorant. They confuse the US with England and England with European. They confuse Mexican with Indian and ignore the Spanish. (For Spaniards, it's Ibero-America, not "Latin" America). He obviously has no idea of the century long conflict between England and Spain for control of the hemisphere. (Ultimately won by the English-in-America). He has no idea of the cultural interplay that came as a result of that conflict. (E.g. where does Ronnie's all -American "cow-boy" come from if not "vaquero"? To give one small example.) And last but not least, he has no inkling of America's invasions, political meddling and economic penetration into Mexico and Ibero-America, which is the major cause of the economic imbalances that produce immigration up north in the first place.

But he will never come close to exploring these issues if he is browbeaten with mutli-cultural pap.

Posted by: kcm at 2:42 PM on 31 January 2004