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29 December 2003

Don't you give up, baby

You know the words:

The mountain's high and the valley's so deep
Can't get across to the other side

Richard St. John Gosting, the first half of Dick and DeeDee, died this past weekend in Westwood, California after a fall from a stepladder. He was sixty-three.

Gosting and Mary Sperling teamed up in the Fifties, and in 1960 were signed to L.A.-based Liberty Records, where Mary was renamed "DeeDee", and where they scored a #2 hit in the summer of 1961 with "The Mountain's High", written by Dick, now more or less officially "Dick St. John"; it was the first big hit recorded in Armin Steiner's homebrew studio. Moving to Warner Bros. in 1963, they continued to score pop hits: "Young and in Love", another St. John composition, and "Thou Shalt Not Steal", a bit of useful advice written by John D. Loudermilk.

After nine chart entries and a cover of the Stones' "Blue Turns to Grey", Dick and DeeDee faded; DeeDee retired, and Dick's wife Sandy continued in her stead.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some records to spin.

Posted at 6:07 PM to Tongue and Groove

I am so, so sorry to hear this news! I remember Dick and DeeDee so well. In 1962, I won a contest sponsored by DIG Magazine and Liberty Records and spent the most fun week of my life with Dick and DeeDee and the other winner Al Libby of Maine. To know the depth of Dick's talent you'd have had to spend time with him. He always sang the falsettos on their records but he also had the most marvelous deep base voice....And, he was hysterically funny!!!

When we spent a day a Disneyland he had us all laughing so hard the tears just rolled and our jaws hurt for days!

Over the years I lost contact with them. Can anyone tell me how to reach DeeDee (Mary Sperling)??? We got along fabulously and I would like to reconnect with her.

Posted by: Barb Loo at 4:03 AM on 4 January 2004

I don't have a contact for DeeDee, sorry.

(You might check with one of the Hollywood trade papers Variety or The Hollywood Reporter they know where everybody is, even if they don't say so out loud.)

Posted by: CGHill at 5:03 PM on 4 January 2004