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25 December 2003

Out of sync

There's a place called North Pole City on Oklahoma City's south side, and while they do sell some non-Christmas stuff, I suspect passersby might be taken aback by the sight of the place as they zip down I-44 in the middle of June.

It's a sort of low-level cognitive dissonance that Patti, for instance, has noted:

Sometimes I wonder what it's like, being part of the Christmas industry singing Christmas carols in May, or making ornaments months in advance, or all year, even. It would seriously disjoint my own sense of time, but one has to assume that such an industry exists.

That has to be an alternate dimension! Contemporary physics has nothing on real life!

I have to admit, I have enough trouble getting into Holiday Mode in December; I'd hate to have to try to do it in the spring.

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Oddly enough, I fall out of Christmas mode first thing Christmas morning (this morning, in other words). The decorations will stay up through New Year's, mostly because the last thing I want to do between the two holidays is start wrapping and boxing, but I'm already looking ahead to 2004. Lots to do next year...although I guess I said the same thing a year ago.

New Year's Eve is the holiday I look forward to, though. Perhaps it's because it sneaks up on you during the post-Christmas hangover. After a month or so of red and green, champagne and party hats seem a very welcome change.

Anyway, Merry Christmas from the other side of the Red River!

Posted by: Jeff Lawson at 12:46 PM on 25 December 2003

merry christmas.

Posted by: Cyberangel at 2:36 PM on 25 December 2003