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24 December 2003

Cell roaming

Kevin Wyckoff, newly arrived at the state correctional facility in Lexington, was found dead in his cell, a noose around his neck. The family was notified and a funeral was held for the deceased prisoner.

Who then called home from the facility.

Officials are still scrambling to assemble the story, but it appears that Wyckoff and prisoner Steven Howe swapped cells at Lexington's reception center, and it was apparently Howe who hanged himself. The two men reputedly looked enough alike that no one noticed the switch, though it seems implausible that Wyckoff's family wouldn't have caught the error at the services.

Corrections staff are now seeking a court order to exhume whoever it was got buried in Wyckoff's plot.

Posted at 10:24 AM to Soonerland

How bizarre.

Posted by: cyberangel at 11:07 AM on 24 December 2003

My favorite line of the phone call:

Mrs. Wyckoff: "We buried you today, boy."

Posted by: Goof Beyou at 2:06 PM on 24 December 2003