The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

22 December 2003

14 minutes and counting

But in the meantime, I got a small plug from the neighborhood association newsletter, which inexplicably characterizes this here "blog" (complete with scare quotes) as "pretty darned entertaining."

If you've come here from reading said newsletter and are wondering just where the entertainment value is, you're not the only one.

Posted at 7:22 PM to Blogorrhea

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Actually, I think you are the oldest OK Blogger. Not in terms of Age, but in terms of longevity.

Personal to Chaz's NA: It might behoove you to pay attention to what you read here, it just might save your sanity one day.

Posted by: chris at 8:17 PM on 22 December 2003

That's presumptious. Some of us may not have any to save. :)

Posted by: Steve at 8:22 PM on 22 December 2003

I am the dominant Oklahoma blogger, in exactly the same sense that "twisted and uneven" is the dominant Oklahoma pothole.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:55 PM on 22 December 2003