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20 December 2003

Too close for comfort

HUD has informed nineteen of its Oklahoma City staffers that they will not be forced to work in the new downtown Federal Building, a block from the Oklahoma City National Memorial that stands on the site of the old downtown Federal Building, destroyed by bombers in 1995. Thirty-five people working for HUD were among the 169 killed.

The HUD staff will telecommute two days a week, and an alternative office location to be determined will be open three days a week. HUD facilities that had not been housed in the Murrah Building will presumably not be affected.

Posted at 9:31 AM to City Scene

You mean, there actually exists HUD people in OKC? You couldn't have proved it by me. Check the telephone directory under US Govt. and see for yourself. I thought they were merely a 1-800 number somewhere connected to a totally automated system :(

Posted by: ms7168 at 9:01 AM on 21 December 2003