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19 December 2003

Hartford becomes the Little Easy

According to an NPR report, Bill Curry, who lost to John G. Rowland in the 2002 race for governor of Connecticut, says that the Rowland administration's seemingly-endless stream of ethics violations has turned the Nutmeg State into "Louisiana with foliage."

Now there's a visual.

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Awwww If Bill Curry knew what he was talking about he'd have beaten John Rowland in 2002. As it is, he's a bland, whining, scorn of a man.

That said, Connecticut (and Southern New England in general) taught Chicago and Lees-eee-aaa-nah everything they needed to know about corruption. Hell, we've had 300 years of practice.

Posted by: Steve at 10:17 AM on 15 January 2004