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19 December 2003

Quote of the week

Tina Brown, for The Washington Post, in a piece called Tough Times for Democrats:

American myths of masculinity draw on the strong, silent archetype John Wayne and Gary Cooper, later Charles Bronson and Charlton Heston, and more recently the subarticulate comic book action heroes like Sylvester Stallone and, yes, Ahnuld. American portraits of maleness have always favored instinct over intellect, action over reason. Rhett over Ashley. Patton over Marshall. Kirk over Spock. In this context, Bush's frat-boy past and Arnold's "playful" girl groping (never mind that it looks like creepy power-mongering when you really examine it) qualify as youthful expressions of the same testosterone that makes for grown-up action heroes. By comparison, Howard Dean's choleric outbursts look like Elmer Fudd spluttering, and the aristocratic let-us-reason-together authority of John Kerry comes across as lack of muscle tone.

This could almost be an argument for Dick Gephardt or perhaps Joe Lieberman, if he didn't sound so much like Dr Zoidberg on the late, lamented Futurama.

(Suggested by Stephen Green.)

Addendum, 1:50 pm: At Pyrojection, Lummox JR says:

America was built by men who could think deep thoughts and plan for the future, shoot bears and burglars, raise decent children, treat women with respect, and be loved by their families and communities. These men are aliens to Tina Brown it makes me wonder, sadly, if her father was any great shakes.

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What? Futurama isn't coming back? AUGH! That has to be self fulfilling failure. They always put it on at 7 PM on Sunday and half the episodes were preempted because NFL games ran late.

Did I already miss the last episode? What happened? Did they end the series or just yank it?

Posted by: Ravenwood at 11:52 AM on 21 December 2003

The last episode was #4ACV18, the seventy-second, and it aired on 18 August. (The opening text under the title was "See You On Some Other Network", or something like that.)

At least Leela and Fry sort of ended up together.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:08 PM on 21 December 2003