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19 December 2003

'Tis the season, and so forth

I note with some bemusement a tripling of the volume of Christmas cards received this year, which I attribute largely to the fact that a lot of people now have the new address who never actually had, or perhaps had forgotten, the old address.

And I must also note that the vast majority of these cards are, in fact, Christmas cards, rather than the vague, generic, "Season's Greetings" sort of things which strive to be inoffensive and wind up being annoying. I understand why these are done; still, I'm inclined to believe that anyone who does take offense does so out of a sincere desire to be a pain in the ass. Or, as it was put at Bleeding Brain:

What kind of a sour, bulging-eyed frantic loser would a person have to be when lodging a complaint regarding the displays of faith of other people?

Uh, this kind?

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I almost never even send Christmas cards. Too much hassel and too much postage. However, if I do get off my lazy bum to send the people I love cards, I get the ones that are blank on the inside and write out my own messages. If I care about someone enough to send a card, I should care enough to write out a paragraph or two of heartfelt words for them!

Posted by: Piekitty at 4:17 PM on 23 December 2003

And I bet those carry a lot more weight with the recipients, too.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:29 AM on 24 December 2003