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18 December 2003

Quick, hide the yearbook!

If you're thinking that one of the drawbacks to home schooling is the utter lack of memorabilia and/or schwag, think again. Jostens, a name familiar to an awful lot of students approaching baccalaureate, has brought out a line of graduation products, including announcements, diplomas, caps and gowns, and (yes!) class rings everything the kids at More Science High get, without having to stand in line.

(Muchas gracias: Kimberly Swygert.)

Posted at 8:40 PM to Almost Yogurt

Well, if it's enough of a market to pursue, it must be growing.


Posted by: McGehee at 9:10 PM on 18 December 2003

A yearbook for a home-schooled kid.

I'm sorry, but that strikes me as incredibly hilarious. I mean, I'm picturing like a three-page yearbook here from Home High School.

The whole idea strikes me as ludicrous. Parents want the ability to keep their kids out of the school systems and teach them themselves so as to insure they receive the "best" possible education , all the while looking to cap (excuse the pun) off their efforts with every symbol OF that very educational system such as the yearbook, class ring, and cap and gown.

I've been in the educational system my entire life, both as a student, TA, and teacher. I've seen homeschooling come and go in various parts of the country. Home schooling doesn't cut it when it's time to go to college. Maybe there's the occasional student out there who can compensate and make it, but for the most part the homeschooled kids I've gotten as transfers back INTO the system, both in middle school and high school, are woefully lacking in many academic skills, and particularly in processing and analytical skills. And their "christian" behaviors aren't all that exemplary, either.

But that's another talk show. I'm still laughing at the three-page yearbook.

Posted by: Vickie at 4:56 AM on 19 December 2003

Oh geez, that's ridiculous. I never ordered any graduation photos or the rest of the trimmings from high school or college. It's not that I think academic achievement is nothing, but that all this *stuff* is an attempt to cash in on a sentimental emotion that simply can't be encapsulated in a bad picture.

Posted by: sya at 7:48 PM on 19 December 2003

Creepies, Chaz, where's your high school spirit?

Posted by: Fûz at 1:05 AM on 21 December 2003

(Does he want a snort?)

Posted by: CGHill at 8:14 PM on 22 December 2003