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18 December 2003

A face that she keeps on a disk in the drawer

I never did look at the JenniCam; while I'm at least as much of a perv as the next guy, I have about 0.00005 percent more of a conscience, and I really couldn't bring myself to peeking at the poor girl, even if there was an off-chance of catching her in her birthday suit.

That said, though, I was one of the mourners when Jenni announced the closing of the site, if only because it had become an institution and, well, you don't just shrug when you lose an institution. At least I don't.

I wish, though, I'd have been able to mourn as eloquently as Norman Madden, who, with a little help from Sir Paul McCartney, put together this tribute to the First Woman of Cybervoyeurism.

Ah, look at all the lonely people Ah, look at all the lonely people

Jennifer Ringley shows off her life in the frame that a webcam can send.
Life is a stream.
Watches her webcam, opens her place with a lock like a knock on her door.
What is it for?

All the lonely people
Why do they all click here
All the lonely people
Why do they all click here

Faraway crazies watching the words of a woman that no one will hear.
No one comes near.
Look at her working. Darning her socks in the light when there's nobody there.
What does she care?

(Repeat chorus)

Jennifer's webcam died on the net and was buried 'long side her domain.
PayPal's to blame.
Paypal and crazies digging up dirt on her cam just to save.
It was the cam's grave.

(Repeat chorus)

Say goodnight, Jenni.

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Good Lord!

Posted by: Jenni at 10:25 AM on 25 December 2003