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17 December 2003

A Saab story

There is reason to be suspicious of the upcoming Saab 9-7X, not least because it's basically the same platform that General Motors has been selling as the Chevrolet TrailBlazer (not to mention GMC, Buick and, for the next few months anyway, Oldsmobile versions) and sneaking out the back door to Isuzu stores as the Ascender. Whatever Saab might require in its hour of need, it wouldn't seem to be Yet Another Generic Sport-Utility Vehicle.

On the other hand, so long as Saab sales are in the doldrums and SUVs continue to move, it's hard to blame GM, which has yet to make any money from its purchase of Saab's automotive business, for wanting to get some return on its investment, and if this artist's conception is at all accurate, there will be a fair number of buyers lined up at the Saab store who will have no idea that the sturdy Swedish steed before them was bred from purely American stock.

No comment from me on the Subaru-based 9-2. Yet.

Posted at 4:08 PM to Driver's Seat

"Ascender" was the unfortunate name chosen for the Curtiss XP-55 built in 1942 as an experimental fighter. The unconventional layout had the engine in the rear as a pusher. The wing was at the rear and a canard was forward. The plane looked like it was built backwards, hence it's nickname "ass-ender."

I could never buy a car named Ascender.

Posted by: Fred Boness at 9:43 PM on 17 December 2003