The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

16 December 2003

Hence the name

We weren't exactly buried in dust yesterday, but the sepia-toned low clouds gave an indication of just how much soil from west Texas and eastern New Mexico wound up being deposited here.

The winds were fairly fierce: when the front came through around 5 pm, the prevailing southwest winds at around 20 mph switched to the north at around 30, the result of a fast-moving cold front. And during all this wind-swapping, a storm system moved through and dropped what it had, which wasn't moisture this time, but good old-fashioned dust.

We're sort of used to this, but things always look just a bit unearthly when it happens.

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Midafternoon on that day, here in Midland, we had winds at 42, gusting to 53. That's our second December is rare, but experiencing two in one month tends to give one's thoughts Armageddon-like overtones.

You can keep the dust, by the way; no need to return it. We have plenty more where that came from.

Posted by: Eric at 5:45 PM on 19 December 2003