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15 December 2003

Maybe it's my breath

The house next door to me is being offered on a lease-purchase deal because, it's been suggested, the price the owner wanted on a straight sale was too high and now, the house across the street (more or less) is being sold. In this case, since it's bearing a For Sale By Owner sign and a phone number in the next county, I think this is a refurbished rent house that the owner would like to get rid of. (And judging by the succession of trucks I've seen in the driveway, a lot of refurbishers were called in.)

Interestingly, this latter place is offered for about two percent more than my digs, though the house is nominally twenty percent larger. Of course, there's a certain elasticity in these measurements.

Posted at 11:12 AM to Surlywood

If you can swing it, buy it. When the landlord lives across the street renters are much more likely to take care of the place. It also makes it easy to show up at the door on the first of the month to collect the rent.

"Buy real estate. They're not making any more of it."

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 11:26 AM on 15 December 2003

Yep, they got one look at me, thought I was moving in, and thought "There goes the neighborhood" and called the realtors..

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 3:04 AM on 16 December 2003

Not to worry . . chances are likely that the purchase of your home by you has simply stirred up activity there because of the price yours brought? Or the fact that it sold at all or something of that order. Even if it was reassuring to me that no one on this block sold after I moved in :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 11:42 AM on 16 December 2003

Doubtful that the price Chuck paid had anything to do with the selling of other property. YOU haven't *seen* Terkish Payne. It's scary!

Posted by: wampat at 9:05 PM on 16 December 2003