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12 December 2003

Old MacDonald had a fram, EOIOE

I understand very little about TMJ dysfunction so far as I can figure, the temporomandibular joints are a bit more complicated than, say, the constant-velocity joints on my car, and I understand them hardly at all but I somehow doubt that treatments related to the TMJ will have any effect on dyslexia, despite this bald assertion:

Dyslexia is curable by a simple procedure that unlocks the cranial skull plates and allows the brain to rehydrate. A therapy which corrects the dehydrated brain is called Neuro Cranial Reconstruction. With this procedure, dyslexia can be [cured] in as little as one week to as long as six months.

Sounds like two parts chiropractic, one part P. T. Barnum to me.

(Muchas gracias: I Speak of Dreams.)

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Looks like duck. Sounds like a duck. QUACK.

Posted by: David at 9:49 AM on 12 December 2003

I have been collecting quack treatments for a while now, and am slowly getting around to posting them to the blog.

Posted by: liz at 2:06 PM on 12 December 2003