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11 December 2003

Keeping his head nearby

"I've been picking buckshot out of my rear end in some of these debates," said Howard Dean, as reported by William Saletan in Slate.

John Rosenberg begs to differ:

Dean the gun nut obviously doesn't know the difference between buckshot and birdshot, although he most assuredly would if [he] were ever shot with both. Bird shot you can pick out, unless you were shot at close range. Buckshot, however, is a completely different story. A round of birdshot contains hundreds of tiny pellets; a 12 gauge round of #1 buckshot (it comes in different sizes), by contrast, contains twenty .30 caliber pellets and #3 buckshot contains twenty .25 caliber pellets. One tester observed that "the power of a blast of buckshot is equal to 10 rounds of 9mm bullets."

If anyone within debating distance of Dean blasted him with a load of buckshot, he would not be pulling them out of his rear end, which is apparently where he got the comment quoted above.

It's time to send Dr. Dean to one of those NRA Basic Firearm Training Courses and then, of course, the showers.

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