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6 December 2003

From the WTF files

I think we can now safely say that John Kerry is effing desperate.

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Charles puts it best. John Kerry is definitely coloring outside the lines. (Presidential candidates don't usually drop the f-bomb on the incumbent - that's all I'm sayin') Poor guy should go home and console himself with his wife's money. Will......[read more]

... as desperate as a money losing rag is to slam their bosses idealogical enemies?

now there's a close race..

'scuse me sir, I ordered a molehill.

Posted by: bruce at 4:37 PM on 6 December 2003

I have never been able to understand Jann S. Wenner; for a Sixties pixie, he's certainly self-absorbed and ruthless.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:22 PM on 6 December 2003