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6 December 2003

Signal-to-noise ratio

Syaffolee complains about one cultural manifestation I admit I hadn't really noticed:

[I'm] tired of meeting so many young Asian women who think they are being individual by being angry and foul-mouthed. There are already many people in the world who are angry and foul-mouthed and I find it neither interesting nor unique. Perhaps they think it's a way of rebelling against the stereotypes of meek and accommodating or strung-out overachiever, but in fact, they're just creating another stereotype for themselves. And I don't think the much blogged about comedienne who makes money using this attitude is helping matters much.

Why haven't I come across this phenomenon myself? I suppose it's because I'm well removed from academia, which means that the most likely places for me to see young Asian women of any description will be at cultural events, where I seldom hear them talking at all, or in a retail context, where there are recognizable advantages to not being rude.

As for the comedienne in question, I've caught some of her shtick on television, and, well, I have to wonder if she'd have attracted any attention at all if she bore a surname like Jones. Of course, this is just me being angry and foul-mouthed.

Posted at 9:27 AM to Almost Yogurt

Margaret Cho used to be funny. That was a) when her routine was new, and b) before she got all the accolades. Now her fame seems to have gone to her head, and we get to hear over and over about what she thinks of penises, and all about the funny way her mother pronounced "assmaster" at the porno shop they ran. Yawn.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 9:37 AM on 6 December 2003

She used to be funny? That runs rather counter to my obvservations. I remember the visceral repulsion I had to her schtick when she first got a TV show. It hasn't improved.

Posted by: Lummox JR at 1:28 PM on 6 December 2003

Well, I haven't seen it confined to academia. Or maybe it's just them acting that way around me as a way of distinguishing themselves from me. Who knows? But I definitely prefer them to act themselves.

Posted by: sya at 5:52 PM on 6 December 2003

Okay, Lummox. I'll change it too: "I used to think she was funny." Better now?

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 11:49 AM on 7 December 2003