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5 December 2003

Maybe you can get there from here

The Oklahoman reports that there is no construction on Interstate 35 between here and Kansas City.

Yes, that is news. I've driven this route for various reasons for twenty years or so my descendants are clustered at the far end, you may remember and I don't remember any time when there wasn't at least some road work going on.

Of course, if I really need to remind myself what it's like, I can always turn the other way: there is plenty of construction between here and Norman, and more heading into Texas.

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So this is a late comment, but...

They've GOT to by lying. Or rather, omitting some information. Certainly, the last time I drove that route was in August, and there was no construction on I-35 at all -- UNTIL you get to Kansas City. Sure, if you want to go to just the SW corner of it, no construction. If you want to go to anywhere on the northern side, well, you're in for the usual KC construction funness, which puts any construction on the I-35/I-40 interchange that just finished to shame.

Posted by: Jennifer at 4:48 PM on 11 December 2003

So all hell breaks loose in, say, Johnson County, Kansas?

Posted by: CGHill at 6:11 PM on 11 December 2003

Pretty much. I won't be traveling that route again until May, but I'll let you know how it goes then. :)

Posted by: Jennifer at 10:49 AM on 12 December 2003