The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

4 December 2003

Now there's a surprise

MSN Search has me #5 for i am a schmuck.

Who knew?

Posted at 8:17 PM to Dyssynergy

But if you put quotes around it, "i am a schmuck", then you are number one. I always knew you had it in you!

Posted by: Dull N. Boring at 10:56 PM on 4 December 2003

You've lost one on your position. As of this posting, you are at #6.

Posted by: Steve at 11:17 PM on 4 December 2003

What kind of world is this when not even schmucks have job security?

Oh, right: they're the only ones who do. My mistake.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:04 AM on 5 December 2003

"No, I never noticed the color, or whether it had one hump or two. All I know is that it was a male camel"

With as little attention as you paid, how do you know that?"

"Everywhere I went, people said 'look at the big schmuck on the camel!'"

Posted by: triticale at 9:11 PM on 7 December 2003