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4 December 2003

How they stack up

A poll by The Oklahoman estimates support for the various Democratic candidates for President in the Sooner State:

10 percent Lieberman
  9 percent Clark
  9 percent Dean
  8 percent Gephardt
  5 percent Kerry
  3 percent Edwards
  2 percent Moseley Braun
  2 percent Sharpton
  1 percent Kucinich

Margin for error is 5.7 percent, but the really telling figure is the 27 percent who were undecided or declined to answer.

Inexplicably, Moseley Braun did not file to enter the Oklahoma primary.

Posted at 8:35 AM to Political Science Fiction

Lieberman is my favorite Democrat. Thus, he doesn't stand a chance.

Posted by: Dan at 1:45 PM on 4 December 2003

He'll get at least one vote. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 6:17 PM on 4 December 2003