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3 December 2003

Insert Speedway joke here

The Indianapolis Police Department is running short on traffic tickets. The Marion County Superior Court apparently underestimated the number of citations that would be handed out when placing its order for the ticket forms last year.

Which is undoubtedly why the order for next year's forms, which just went in, calls for a 25-percent increase and Indy is covering the difference with a 36-percent increase in the base traffic fine.

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Posted at 3:56 PM to Driver's Seat

I got a speeding ticket in Indiana once. Bastards.

Posted by: Erica at 11:11 AM on 5 December 2003

So if the creeps hadn't screwed me this summer on I-465 they might have gotten by. I'll be sure to mention this the next time they pull me over.

At least it was easy to pay - they had a web site that took credit cards.

Posted by: J Bowen at 1:24 PM on 5 December 2003