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2 December 2003

It's the Ether Bunny!

Well, I've started to assemble something resembling broadband: I have a suitable modem for the cable system (Terayon TJ 715 series), and I've bound TCP/IP to the desktop's NIC.

Of course, I haven't a clue what I should be doing next, except that I am exceedingly wary about running the cable company's Big Disk O' Goodies, most of which are probably superfluous. Still, it's a start towards getting weaned from the dialup.

Posted at 7:35 PM to PEBKAC

I let the cable guy do all that installation voodoo. Hell, it was free. But he did screw up a USB port.

Once he did the initial installation to get the servers talking I ran Cat-5 cable upstairs from my router and now we've got 2 'puters flying down the information superhighway.

Posted by: Ralph Gizzip at 8:53 PM on 2 December 2003

I would recommend a good firewall. Hardware router is best but software also works.

Congrats on your move and a belated HB day.

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Dull N. Boring

Posted by: Dull N. Boring at 9:38 PM on 2 December 2003

I suspect they are entirely superfluous. I never ran an installer disc. (Did I even get one? I guess so.. Hmm..)

Plugged the cable modem into the computer and got an IP. Later plugged it into the wireless bridge. No problems. Cox gives out IPs like candy.

Posted by: Dan at 11:10 PM on 2 December 2003

I didn't use it either. All you have to do is go all over the computer changing everything from "dial a connection" to "do not dial a connection" or "use lan" as the case may be.
You'll love it I know :)

Posted by: ms7168 at 12:01 AM on 3 December 2003

The EZ Armor from Computer Associates serves as a pretty decent firewall it catches stuff constantly though I'd like to go to a hardware solution eventually.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:22 AM on 3 December 2003