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18 November 2003

Hell up in Harlem

I couldn't tell you who started that silly business about William Jefferson Clinton being the "first black President" might have been the Big He himself, for all I know but Baldilocks is more than happy to finish it off, once and for all.

Pertinent quote:

This man knew all the right words to say to black Americans. Knew all the fronts to put on. Knew all the frauds to perpetrate. And we bought the game, hook, line and sinker. But when push came to shove, he abandoned all Americans, black ones, white ones and all the other ones. He folded like the empty suit that he is.

And a damned expensive empty suit at that.

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» Where Massa Clinton At? from baldilocks
Here’s a copy of a letter I e-mailed last year to Rochelle Riley of the Detroit Free Press in response to her September 2002 editorial “Nobody’s Like Bill [Clinton, that is]—Let’s Get Him Back.” *****...[read more]

Everytime I manage to calm down, something gets me going again. Good thing I work out. :-)

Posted by: Juliette at 7:39 PM on 18 November 2003

Shame on anyone that believes a politician, running for office, in one, or used to be in one. A lot of politicians used to be lawyers, so the same goes for lawyers. And weathermen.

(and only a retard believes an actor.. ACTOR! They *pretend* for a living, right?)

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 3:29 AM on 19 November 2003