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16 November 2003

Skinny legs and all

You know, I'm looking at the page as I type, and I still don't quite believe it.

But what the hell. If I'm going to have Unusual Action Figures around the house, I suppose I'd rather have Ann Coulter than, say, the Judge from Pink Floyd The Wall.

(With thanks to the iconic Debbye Stratigacos for the former link, and the laconic for the latter.)

Posted at 12:01 AM to Political Science Fiction

I wonder if I would have turned out different had I played with an Ann Coulter doll instead of Barbie as a child?

Posted by: Donna at 12:04 PM on 16 November 2003

Well, you certainly wouldn't have been any more outspoken. :)

How would you go about trying to sell a Donna doll?

Posted by: CGHill at 12:15 PM on 16 November 2003

Wow! 2+ years in the blogosphere, and I believe this is the first Robbins reference I've seen in a post title.


Posted by: Matt at 9:20 AM on 20 November 2003

Well, you know, even bloggers get the blues.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:59 PM on 22 November 2003