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15 November 2003

Distorting our troops

The Left is constantly badmouthing the military, says Baldilocks:

Since the abolition of the Draft a generation ago, American military personnel have volunteered to fight America’s wars. It's called free will. But the Left thinks the military is populated by people too stupid to choose how to live their own lives.

I guess many members of the Left think the military is made up of barely literate yokels from Middle and Southern America or barely literate thugs/thugettes from America's inner cities. Us dumb "rednecks" and "darkies" couldn't possibly have a handle on the intricacies of Fascism, Imperialism, and Nazism, since all we read are comic books.

We couldn't possibly have joined up or stayed in the military as a result of informed, principled decision making, made after a detailed evaluation of history and/or present day world events. We couldn't possibly have been well-informed and come to a conclusion that is different from that of the Left. We all must be dumb and/or ignorant.

And she offers one word of advice to these naysayers:

Well here's a dumb/ignorant suggestion I have for those on the Left who keep attempting to play military personnel for suckers: BITE ME! And after you do that, you can go back to your regularly scheduled spewing of new Big Lies, whatever they may be. It's your right to do so.

Well, okay, two words.

I would add only that one reason the American left objects to the military is that the military is by nature authoritarian you do what you're told to do which conflicts with the freewheeling, spree-like existence to which they aspire. Of course, to be admitted to their Society of Sybarites, you must subscribe to the scripture, sell your SUV, support subversion, and otherwise suck up to the subculture. It's exactly as authoritarian as the military, except you're allowed to display unearned awards.

Posted at 10:48 AM to Political Science Fiction

If memory serves, socialist mouthpiece Michael Harrington, in his last book, came out with praise for the military, and indeed, for the draft. But not because it was an instrument used to defend America and her interests. No, he saw it as a way to instill social conscience in the young, break them of their individualism and get them marching in time with the greater good.

Count on a socialist to find good things to say about involuntary servitude, but only bad things to say about the honor and necessity of defending one's country and its citizens.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 12:08 PM on 15 November 2003

There are different types of people that join the military, as many as say, there are people. People join up for all sorts of reasons, to shoot guns, defend country, escape poverty, see the world... etc..

Your suggestion that being a lefty is akin to joining up is laughable and not your strongest post. Try harder please...unless you're being sarcastic...

my problem with the military is the broken link between what the general public wants and what the politically motivated leaders want. I would hate to be sent off to die to help some politian get re-elected, to prove he's tough. And now with politians beholden more to corporate interests than constituents I just dont trust that they will make the right decisions, dem or rep.

Posted by: bruce at 2:10 PM on 15 November 2003

It's exactly as authoritarian as the military, except you're allowed to display unearned awards.

Exactly. With the Left, the only thing you can do to your heart's content is have sex with whatever person/thing that floats your boat. Everything else is mandated/scripted/dictated.

Posted by: Juliette at 2:25 PM on 15 November 2003

sarcasm abounds...

Posted by: bruce at 2:27 PM on 15 November 2003


With me, sarcasm always abounds....:-)

Posted by: Juliette at 5:14 PM on 15 November 2003

if only the sex thing were true... ;-(

I'd sign up for the great left wing conspiracy.

Posted by: bruce at 10:12 PM on 15 November 2003

It's true. Unfortunately, finding a partner is just the beginning. First, you must score a passing grade on the prospective partner's Adequacy Index", which measures your ability to function in a post-patriarchal society. (Same-sex unions have a similar examination, though the test is graded on a different curve.) After that, any and all sexual acts will be compared to the official standards and your deficiencies will be made part of the public record. (Any reported superiorities will be routinely denigrated or discounted.) Finally, when the relationship ends, as it must, you will receive a form which calculates your Consent Quotient points are knocked off for excessive insistence or insufficient foreplay which you must present to your new partner within five business days.

Other than that, it's not too hard.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:28 PM on 15 November 2003

Wow, the future of dating was foretold in Cherry 2000, only we don't have the robot option.

(by the way, look for Mr. Fishburne in there as a date lawyer, a Pre-Laurence acting gig, back when he was still Larry..)

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 12:25 AM on 16 November 2003

I just posted a comment at that blog entry of Baldilocks. I will re-post it here:


As I've indicated before, it is troubling about the false dichotomy and 'straw man' tactic that some people - like many of those who are not looking at the issues of war and foreign policy from a political science and philosophical perspective - are using, and believing.

The war issue is not a conservative vs. liberal issue... I have been trying to debunk this myth over the past year in my blog entries, comment posts at other blogs, and other writings.

I see that this blog entry is related to one of Michael Totten's entries. In an update to one of my recent blog entries, I linked to a couple of Mr. Totten's articles. Like several other major liberal or left-leaning bloggers (as well as some liberal commentators, and others), Mr. Totten has been firmly supporting the war against Iraq.

As Mr. Totten has correctly pointed out (like in those articles listed in that aforementioned blog entry of mine), this type of war corresponds with the liberal and Democratic philosophy. Even some National Review editors have acknowledged that much of what our government is doing in Iraq is leftist, or at least is worthy of left-wing support. (I recently updated that same aforementioned blog entry with links to the relevant material regarding that - I provided links to one of Jonah Goldberg's latest columns, and to one of Rich Lowry's.)

As for the military issue, it is true that many liberals do not care about our brave servicemen and women, or about our nation's veterans.

But many conservatives and libertarians do. And that is one reason that many conservatives, including many current and former U.S. military generals, as well as many of our heroic veterans, and some Republicans, including members of the Reagan and Bush 41 administrations, opposed the Iraq war, and oppose the way that Rumsfeld and the Bush administration are currently handling the situation in Iraq right now. (I have written a lot about these facts in my current and past blog entries, and in other writings.) Even some war supporters have been strongly criticizing the way that the administration has handled post-war Iraq - Republicans, Democrats, conservatives, libertarians, and others.

The sentiments that are being attributed by some war supporters to "the liberals" - Some sentiments related to those [but different, in that they are well-intended, and truly express support for our soldiers] have actually been expressed by many conservatives and Republicans over the past decade. As I pointed out in this guest blog entry (at another conservative's website), much of the opposition to military intervention and deployments overseas during the past decade has come from our military, or from pro-soldier and military-related groups, leaders, and organizations. And as you can see at that guest entry, the same was true for the recent war in Iraq. There was a great deal of opposition to this war from conservatives commentators and conservative organizations, as well as conservatives who are connected to the military.

This is the first time that I've commented at this weblog... It seems like a very popular site, and it looks pretty good. Keep up the good work.


Posted by: Aakash at 6:46 PM on 21 November 2003