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14 November 2003

Strength through joyless repetition

A desideratum for the campaign trail, courtesy of Lileks:

I was tempted to write about George Soros comparing Bush and America to the rise of the Nazis, but I've just had it with these people. I'm more interested in those who ride the coattails of their rhetoric. I want someone to ask Dean this question in the Presidential debate: "Governor Dean, one of your wealthiest backers has compared America in 2000s with Germany in the 1930s. Do you agree with this analogy?" The only acceptable answer to my ears is "No, I don't." Period. Any elaboration, any "no, buts," any "nevertheless there are worrisome trends" will mark Howard Dean as a truly dangerous man, for he will show himself willing to use the most debased and paranoid argument in modern politics to put his butt in the big chair. Extreme? Okay: imagine a big Bush backer who explicitly made ties between Clinton and Stalin; imagine Bush saying "I don't agree, but I do worry about the Democratic Party's desire to socialize the economy; they had that in Soviet Russia, and we all know how that led to the gulag." Inexcusable.

Where's Mike Godwin when you need him?

And please note that in most American media, George Soros is described as a "philanthropist," a term you'll seldom see attached to, say, Richard Mellon Scaife.

Posted at 7:34 AM to Political Science Fiction

WTF? So the democrats now have the same kind of big money backing that the Republicans have had for almost a decade and Lileks is asking Dean to denounce him?

Are we setting a new standard now, do candidates have to go through and say they support what all their contributers say?

Which reminds me... why Dean? I thought Soros gave to the democrats, is Dean now the representative of the democratic party who can decide when and what money they can accept?

Do I sense some paranoia amongst the right wingers that have been feeding at the big money teat for a decade. Scaife outright funded the Clinton conspiracies and the impeachment witchhunt. Four or five major donors constitute the main supports of the right wing movement. Without them this would all fall like a house of cards (Hitlery Cards no doubt!)

Posted by: bruce at 11:07 AM on 14 November 2003

You'll have to ask Lileks why he chose Dean for that example; I'm guessing it was simply that Dean is considered the Democratic front-runner.

And, well, paranoia is nothing new to the right wing. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:59 AM on 14 November 2003

Or the left either, for that matter.

Posted by: Steve at 8:55 PM on 14 November 2003

the left has reasons to be paranoid. The right has all the terrorists, from gun nuts, to abortion bombers to end time theocrats willing to march on washington at the drop of a coleection plate... not to mention the old KKK guys from days past. You got the scary people on your side.

oh... the left does have those ELF guys though. They're kinda scary, I grant you that.

Posted by: bruce at 1:35 AM on 15 November 2003

I just sprained something -- it's not healthy for me to read Bruce's comments before I've done my morning eye-rolling exercises.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:49 AM on 15 November 2003