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31 October 2003

Tote that barge! Post that bail!

About two million residents of subsidized public housing are going to be put to work sort of. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has implemented a rule enacted in 2002 which requires many residents to contribute eight hours a month to community service projects and/or self-sufficiency programs.

Not everyone in public housing is affected; the elderly and the disabled are exempt, as are persons already working 30 hours or more per week.

And not everyone is enthusiastic about the requirement, either:

"I live my life just like everybody else, you know?" said Regina Morgan, a resident of public housing and mother of four. "The fact that you are tying it into my lease, that is inhumane."

To which Ravenwood replies:

Boo hoo hoo. Imagine having to work a mind-boggling 8 hours per month for taxpayer subsidized housing. How inhumane!

I'm surprised she hasn't thought of suing HUD on the grounds that raising four children takes at least 30 hours a week. Finding a lawyer looking to kick-start his 15 minutes of fame by arguing this case would probably be no more difficult than finding beer bottles behind a frat house.

Posted at 2:25 PM to TANSTAAFL

I'm with Ravenwood. More, I'm with Henry Hazlitt and Nassau Senior: Bring Back The Workhouse! We've been too cuddly-squishy indulgent of our "poor," and they've drawn the moral that they're entitled to our largesse. The time to break that mindset is yesterday, but today will have to do.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 2:38 PM on 31 October 2003

"I live my life just like everybody else, you know?"

I dunno. Last I looked, I wasn't paying for everybody else.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:22 PM on 31 October 2003

The temptation, one that appeals to our base desires is to beleive that just because people are taking advantage of tax supported systems means that we, the taxpayers have some right to tell them how to live.

Posted by: bruce at 10:35 PM on 31 October 2003

Well, it's better than having those taking advantage of tax supported systems telling us that we have to tighten our belts to keep their goodies flowing.

Posted by: McGehee at 12:17 PM on 1 November 2003

Do you mean the military contractors that are the primary recipients of half of our tax dollars?

... or do you mean kids?

... or the elderly?

... or the permananetly disabled?

Posted by: bruce at 4:18 PM on 1 November 2003

Why the hell didn't they have this when I was doing The Bum Thing? Even *I* can do 8 hours a month. :)

Kids nowadays have it easy, why, when I was a boy, we paid RENT.. And we were THANKFUL!

Posted by: Terkish Payne at 7:30 AM on 2 November 2003

Bruce, those will do for a start.

Posted by: McGehee at 7:17 PM on 2 November 2003