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30 October 2003

Beef: it's what's for Christmas

A pound of 85/15 ground beef has been running $2.99 lately, and while occasionally steaks go on sale, most of the time you might as well put them on layaway.

Beef producers, on the other hand, are probably happy with the situation: the price they're getting, which had been hovering in the $90 (per 100 lb) range for some time, reached $102.92 this month, putting upward pressure on prices at the retail (and, yes, at the restaurant) level. Production levels are high, which means smaller herds more cattle are coming to market which means that unless there's a slackening of demand as the supply shrinks, prices will go even higher.

PETA and their friends will undoubtedly scoff while they chow down on their mesquite-grilled drywall, but I believe that the God of Texas Chili has very strict commandments about soybeans and such, so I will grit my teeth and write the check, however big it gets.

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We've mostly kicked the ground beef habit 'round here. Haven't made meatloaf in forever. Chili sounds good though. Beans or no?

Posted by: Dan Lovejoy at 11:15 PM on 30 October 2003

I don't go ballistic over beans, as some aficionados supposedly do, but I don't put them in my own chili.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:31 AM on 31 October 2003