The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

18 October 2003

Hey, Tony, supersize this

American chef Anthony Bourdain apparently can eat almost anything, up to and including snake hearts and iguana, but he draws the line at Mickey D's.

Yep. The very thought of a McNugget strikes fear into the man. And it's not some Pamela Anderson-esque concern about what horrible things must happen to those poor birds to become McNuggets it's hard to imagine that any chicken at all goes into those weird little discs or anything like that. Bourdain's objections are rooted in ubiquity: American fast food is all over the globe, and therefore worthy of his contempt.

Tropiary (Friday, 7:57 pm) spins this attitude to its logical conclusion: What if some enterpreneurial types decided to make Bourdain's reptilian delights available to mass audiences?

"Hold the mayo, hold the venom, every sandwich wrapped in denim...."

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