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17 October 2003

United Progressive Network

Not to be confused with that other UPN, which is a standard capitalist outlet that is losing money faster than the Treasury can print it.

But the planned "liberal network" envisioned by the Left is widely expected to lose money just as fast, and without the benefit of Jake 2.0 or WWE Smackdown! either. UMLGuy, though, says that it really doesn't matter:

Remember how, when the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform went through, prominent Democrat legislators were shocked to discover that they would be most adversely affected by it? How their big soft-money backers the unions especially would be the most restricted contributors? And how the Republicans, with their ability to raise lots of hard money from small donors weren't going to be affected nearly as much?

Well, despite scare stories, I trust that the courts will protect major outlets of free speech like opinion journalism, including talk radio. Frankly, if independent talk radio voices aren't free to express their opinions, we no longer have a First Amendment. Somebody MAY be dumb enough to press a case against Limbaugh or Hannity under McCain-Feingold; but they'll lose, and free speech will win.

And so the Liberal Network becomes an outlet for, yes, Democrat soft money. They can't buy as many issue ads; but they can "buy" a losing network with sagging ratings and just keep pumping out their message long after any profit-oriented business would have given up on the "business".

Well, at least it isn't Homeboys in Outer Space.

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