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13 October 2003

I'm too sexy for my desk

Desiree Goodwin is a research assistant in the Harvard University library system; she's been there nine years, and she's still a research assistant because, she says, she's black and she's beautiful.

Neither the EEOC nor the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination has found sufficient reason to challenge Harvard with Goodwin's complaint, so she's filed suit against the university herself.

"White women wore sexy clothes, were outgoing, attractive and they were getting mentored and getting promoted, while I was being ignored and asked to work extra hours," Goodwin says. "I think it is racist because they feel threatened by the success of someone they don't feel is like them."

She approached her supervisor, and was allegedly told that "her skimpy clothing and zealous search for promotion" had made her a "joke among her...colleagues" and that she could easily get a job anywhere else.

I'm thinking there's something here we're not being told.

Meanwhile, I refuse to believe there has ever existed such a thing as an excessively-sexy librarian. And if you don't believe me, ask Professor Harold Hill (no relation).

(Via Fark)

(Update, 21 March 2005: More recent developments here.)

(Update, 4 April 2005: She's lost her case.)

(Update, 9 December 2005: This post says nothing new, but it has a picture; her interview is here.)

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Now even the "beautiful people" are an oppressed minority? Wait until the runway models hear about this...

Posted by: Kevin at 2:45 PM on 13 October 2003

Hey, she might have something there. I applied for a summer job at our local library but I was told I was too tan.

(Sounds just as stupid when I typed it.)

Posted by: Vickie at 3:35 PM on 13 October 2003

From what the article says, I don't think this gal would have gotten what she repeatedly demanded if she'd worn a spacesuit. Anyone who demands promotion that aggressively is his own worst enemy.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 6:10 PM on 13 October 2003