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7 October 2003

Gray future

Charles Austin may not be feeling well, but he can still squeeze off a barb with the best of them.

The polls close at 8 pm California time. What happens after that?

Between guessing when the election results will finally be certified and when all the legal challenges by "friends" of the electorate will finally be thrown out of court, my guess is that Gray Davis is going to be around until at least February. Oh, and I imagine we'll be hearing for a long time from the same people who still can't quite figure out the US Constitution works when it comes to the electoral college about how Gray got more votes to stay in office than Arnold did to replace him.

Count on it.

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Well, I was wrong, at least about the number of votes. But it hasn't stopped the Democrats in California from acting boorish.

Posted by: charles austin at 1:44 PM on 10 October 2003