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28 September 2003

Casting a glance askance


They're back.

Of course, in some segments of the culture they never went away, but this fall they're just this side of ubiquitous; they've even shown up in an American Express print ad, fergoshsakes, and you can't get much more mainstream than Amex.

And if it's not due to Chicago, goths resurgent, or lingering love for Dr Frank N. Furter, what's the deal?

I may be quite alone among the world's skelophiles in this regard, but I have never, ever grasped the appeal of fishnets. I have been fortunate enough over the years to have met a small number of women with incredible legs, and not once have I found myself thinking, "Gee, I wonder what she'd look like if you overlaid a pattern of polygons upon her."

(Aside: This is probably the only context in which I'll ever be able to use the term "overlaid".)

Maybe someone else can explain this phenomenon to me.

Posted at 6:59 PM to Rag Trade

Ah, memories...set the wayback machine for 1985, when I attended "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" approximately 44 times at the Memorial 8 Theatre (still called that?) way up on the northside of OKC.

Frank N. Furter -- viewed by some to be more sexy than most "real" women. And whatever heppened to that Sarandon chick - you know, the one who played Janet?

Posted by: David at 6:21 AM on 29 September 2003

The gals on the movie screen were okay, but during my Rocky Horror phase I was far more interested in the ones in the theater...

Posted by: McGehee at 8:53 AM on 29 September 2003

Set the wayback a little further, to 1968. Green fishnet over either orange tights or hairy legs. Note that this wasn't your standard minnow nets; the squares were big enough to pass any pan fish under the DNR size limit.

Posted by: triticale at 7:04 PM on 29 September 2003

So "dolphin-safe" originally meant that Dan Marino could wear them?

(Sorry. That just slipped out.)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:54 PM on 29 September 2003

you need to broaden your horizons. the mathematical field of tiling and tessellations on a closed manifold is quite rich; so, let me be the first to encourage you overlay a pattern of polygons on a suitable volunteer. you never know when during your investigations a theorem or a lemma may suddenly fit together.

Posted by: rammer at 8:46 PM on 29 September 2003

Now if I'd come up with that, people would just naturally assume I'd been hitting the Klein bottle again.

Posted by: CGHill at 8:57 PM on 29 September 2003