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25 September 2003

Thin end of the wedge

What Ann Coulter thinks of Wesley Clark:

Two years from now, a question on Trivial Pursuit.

The scary part? I think she's being generous.

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I know that even people who largely agree with Coulter are supposed to revile her tactics, her choice of words, and her vehemence...but those qualities somehow endear her to me.

Posted by: David at 10:00 PM on 26 September 2003

The pressure on RightBloggers to diss Ann puts me in mind of Sun Tzu's advice not to do what your enemy desires, for the very reason that he desires it.

After all, they don't diss Moore, Franken, or Rall every time one of them emits emotes.

Posted by: McGehee at 4:58 AM on 27 September 2003