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15 September 2003

If we must have exile...

...why can't we exile Gray Davis?

"In assessing the public interest," said the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, "the balance falls heavily in favor of postponing the election for a few months." And when the six offending counties fail to get their new voting systems in place on time?

Now here's a particularly sickening scenario: the Supreme Court agrees to hear an appeal of this decision, but not until the beginning of the Court's regular session.

Which begins on the 6th of October, one day before the scheduled recall election.

What is it going to take to rid ourselves of Gray Davis? Are we going to have to call in Israeli security?

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While we're at it exile the damnable 9th circuit is replete with ultra-liberal nogoodniks whose renderings give me gas. And when I say exile, I don't mean main street.

Posted by: paulsmos at 2:11 PM on 15 September 2003