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13 September 2003

Stars and Bars forever

Or at least once more, anyway.

On 17 April 2004, more than a century after the end of the Civil War Between The States For Southern Independence, or whatever you want to call it, the last Confederate war dead will be laid to rest in Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston, S.C.

The crew of the submarine CSS Hunley, lost when the sub sank in February 1864 the vessel was pulled off the ocean floor in 2000 will be buried with full military honors, and both submarine buffs and members of reenactment societies are likely to turn out in full force.

And maybe some picketers, too; there's an online petition to ask the Hunley Commission, which has arranged for the ceremony, to bar the appearance of the US flag on the premises, and there are hints of local protests as well. Why? Well, of course, this was the Union flag (albeit with a different number of stars), and the Union, for those sailors, was the enemy.

Hunley Commission chair Glenn McConnell finds this incomprehensible. He's a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and "at the beginning of every meeting, we pledge allegiance to the US flag."

I'm not quite sure what I think of this just yet.

Posted at 2:29 PM to Political Science Fiction

To fly the flag or not, what an unusually perplexing time to ask that question. I can see both sides to it though and hope that they just come to a conclusion and don't waste the whole time fighting about it.

Personally I think they should fly the American flag, we must live in the present and not the past.

Posted by: Calculator Blaine at 2:41 PM on 13 September 2003

To honor the memory of my French ancestors, I'm marching down to City Hall today to demand that the repugnant Stars and Stripes be immediately lowered and replaced with the glorious Tricolor!

Furthermore, to honor the memory of my British ancestors...

Posted by: Jeff at 4:41 PM on 13 September 2003

people are slow to let go of the past, a lesson we should remember when dealing with other nations as well. Right or wrong you cant deny people their legitimate feelings, we just have to reach a good compromise that may peeve some but serves common sense the best...

They can fly the Jolly Roger at my funeral for all I'll care.

Posted by: bruce at 12:50 AM on 14 September 2003

Legitimate or not, nobody can deny anybody else's feelings. Feelings are not the point here -- which may come as a shock to those wanting the Stars and Stripes banned from the ceremony.

Posted by: McGehee at 10:51 AM on 14 September 2003