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11 September 2003

T plus 730 days

The amazing Bill Whittle sums up the state of the nation:

For those too blind to see the magnitude of this victory, let them whine and seethe all they want. We are still here. We are still here, and far better off, then we were two years ago today, when entire countries were vast terror camps, and children's cemeteries.

(In case you missed it, here's my take on where we were and where we should be going.)

Posted at 4:34 PM to Political Science Fiction

Charles: Your piece is magnificent, and sums up many of my thoughts on this somber day.

Posted by: David at 8:08 PM on 11 September 2003

It was just this year that the infamous fued between the hatfields and mccoys officially ended. Do I believe in cycles? yes, for that is human nature, you cannot just climb aboard while we are in mid revolution and make our claim: "history began with my pain!" I hurt you because of past greviances and your kids will kill my kids for what I've just done.

Do we mourn? yes, and do we plot vengeance? maybe, but do we realize that our memories of vengeance will fade faster than the memories of children, who know not why and how, but only know their pain?

Sometimes I think that the human capacity to inflict each other with hurt is the only true perpetual motion device.

Posted by: bruce at 10:09 PM on 11 September 2003

"Vengeance"? Call me when they level Saudi Arabia and tear down the mosque in Toledo, Ohio. That would be vengeance.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:23 AM on 12 September 2003