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7 September 2003

The law is an asshat

The Recording Industry Association of America has had mixed results in its efforts to clamp down on file-sharing, and Congress hasn't been asking "How high?" when the RIAA insists that they jump, so the industry's latest attempt to kill off peer-to-peer networking is disguised as an antiporn measure, which naturally attracts dimbulbs like Rep. John Sullivan (R-OK).

The amusing aspect of this bill, of course, is that it mandates the use of a software flag that's supposed to prevent a P2P client from being installed without "verification of majority" or "verifiable parental consent." Where is this flag? According to the bill, the FTC is supposed to manufacture a specification for it over the next year, at which time software developers are supposed to fall all over themselves to adopt it.

Says Bigwig:

Nothing like using something that doesn't even exist to enforce the law of the land. Might as well give the job to the underpants gnomes.

The last thing we need is Congress in proximity to anyone's underpants unless, of course, they and their "friends" plan to dine upon same.

Posted at 8:24 PM to Fileophile

Damn Underpants Gnomes keep me awake all night worrying about my boxers.

Posted by: Chris at 11:00 AM on 8 September 2003

Please see also this.

Posted by: Francis W. Porretto at 11:11 AM on 8 September 2003